NPL, Australie-Méridionale 05/28 05:30 12 Adélaïde Comets vs West Torrens Birkalla - View
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 06/04 05:30 13 Cumberland United vs Adélaïde Comets - View
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 06/11 05:30 14 Sturt Lions vs Adélaïde Comets - View
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 06/18 05:30 15 Adélaïde Comets vs Adélaïde City - View
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 06/25 05:30 16 Adélaïde Comets vs South Adélaïde - View
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 07/02 05:30 17 Adélaïde Comets vs North Eastern Metrostars - View


NPL, Australie-Méridionale 05/21 05:30 11 [4] Adélaïde Comets v Croydon Kings [5] W 2-0
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 05/14 05:30 10 [10] Adélaïde United v Adélaïde Comets [3] L 4-2
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 04/30 05:30 9 [2] Adélaïde Comets v Campbelltown City [4] L 1-2
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 04/23 06:00 8 [2] Adélaïde Comets v White City FK Beograd [7] W 2-1
FFA Cup, Tour préliminaire, Australie-Méridionale 04/16 05:00 - Adélaïde Comets v Adélaïde Olympic L 1-3
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 04/12 11:00 7 [3] Adélaïde Comets v Adélaïde Olympic [9] W 1-0
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 04/01 09:00 6 [4] North Eastern Metrostars v Adélaïde Comets [1] D 1-1
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 03/26 04:30 5 [1] South Adélaïde v Adélaïde Comets [3] W 0-3
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 03/12 06:30 4 [3] Adélaïde City v Adélaïde Comets [2] D 1-1
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 03/04 10:00 3 [3] Adélaïde Comets v Sturt Lions [7] W 2-0
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 02/25 10:00 1 [8] Cumberland United v Adélaïde Comets [1] D 1-1
NPL, Australie-Méridionale 02/19 09:45 1 [8] West Torrens Birkalla v Adélaïde Comets [5] W 0-5


Matches played 34 17 17
Wins 16 11 5
Draws 10 2 8
Losses 8 4 4
Goals for 53 29 24
Goals against 39 16 23
Clean sheets 12 8 4
Failed to score 5 2 3

Wikipedia - Adelaide Comets FC

The Adelaide Comets FC are a soccer club based in Adelaide, South Australia. The club competes in the National Premier Leagues South Australia. They are based in Adelaide's western suburb of Mile End and play home games at Santos Stadium.


The Adelaide Comets Football Club was formed in 1994 and were known as the Adelaide Raiders Soccer Club who competed in the SAASL (South Australian Amateur Soccer League). To avoid confusion with another local soccer club which plays under the name of "Raiders", the playing name was changed to Adelaide Comets in 2001 when the club first fielded junior teams.

As Adelaide Raiders, the club won the South Australia Amateur Soccer League SAASL Saturday Division 2 Championship in its inaugural year and gained promotion to the SAASL Saturday Division 1 competition. In 1997, they established themselves as the states premier Amateur League side becoming Champions in Saturday's Division 1 Competition. In 2001, the club registered 5 teams in the South Australian Soccer Federation's (SASF) Junior Premier League.

Achieving this goal was the catalyst for the club changing its name to Adelaide Comets, to avoid confusion with Adelaide Raiders (Formerly Adelaide Croatia Raiders). During this time, the club's senior team continued to enjoy success in the SAASL winning consecutive Championships in 2001, 2002 and 2003. This ongoing success at the highest level of amateur competition generated the push for a move to a higher league for the Adelaide Comets. The club made several attempts over a number of years to find a place for itself within the SASF competition with no success.

Finally, with the implementation of a new governing body for the sport in South Australia, Adelaide Comets entered the newly formed State League in 2006 under the banner of the Football Federation South Australia (FFSA).

The club now boasts one of the largest junior based clubs in South Australia with 370 junior players, along with three SAASL Amateur men's teams, FFSA Open Age Women's and a respected seniors squad who after gaining promotion through the FFSA State and Premier League competitions now competes in the states top division of football, The FFSA Super League. Thus totalling an impressive number of nearly 500 registered players across the club.

Comets advanced to the final of the 2018 FFSA Federation Cup by defeating Cumberland United 3–2 in the Semi Final. They defeated Croydon Kings in the 2018 FFSA Federation Cup final awarding them a spot in the Round of 32 of the 2018 FFA Cup. On 25 July 2018 they defeated Football West State League 1 side Gwelup Croatia advancing to the round of 16 of the 2018 FFA Cup.