London Knights 3-1 Mississauga Steelheads 2017-12-17 00:00

Stadium: Budweiser Gardens Round: 1

London Knights London Knights   Mississauga Steelheads Mississauga Steelheads
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RT @GoLondonKnights: Down to 100 tickets left, but still some great seats! TICKETS: 📞: 519-681-0800x1 💻:

2017-12-16 23:22:55

Thanks to @boomboxbakeshop for helping provide us with tonight’s warmup tunes! Check out the set list below! 📻:

2017-12-16 23:27:18

Send us a selfie with your section, row, and seat # for a chance to be one of @CoultersRx 3 stars of the Knight!…

2017-12-16 23:44:58

RT @turk0513: @GoLondonKnights . Just resting before tonight’s big game!! Go knights go

2017-12-16 23:54:36

Snap a Selfie at ANY Knights Game and use the hashtag #PalasadPlayTogether and you could win Prizes of all kinds bi…

2017-12-16 23:54:56

Tune in for tonight's action! 📺: Rogers TV Channel 13 📻: 980CFPL 💻: OHL Live 📱: #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:02:34

Knights vs. Steelheads, the battle begins now! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:07:16

Knights draw the first PP of the game! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:14:32

.@cliffp_8 dances around the Steelheads defender and puts one on net! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:17:01

Knights take a double minor penalty, sending us to our first PK of the game powered by @VaughnHockey

2017-12-17 00:17:58

Knights doing a good job on the kill 1 minute remaining in the PK! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:22:08

The Razor sticks out the pillow for the huge save! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:23:32

Penalty = Killed! Huge kill for the boys #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:24:20

Knights draw their second PP of the game! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:28:43

Knights break in 3 on 1 and put a shot on! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:36:12

🚨🚨 GOAL!!! 🚨🚨 @TylerRollo_913 rips a heater top shelf! That was his 6th of the season and the first goal of the ga…

2017-12-17 00:37:28

That's the end of the first! Knights take a 1-0 lead into the intermission! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:40:00


2017-12-17 00:58:35

We're back for the second period! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 00:58:49

Knights take a minor penalty, sending us to the PK powered by @VaughnHockey

2017-12-17 00:59:30

Knights work in two on one shorthanded for a quality scoring chance! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 01:00:36

Knights kill the PK! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 01:01:39

Knights applying some pressure in the offensive zone! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 01:04:38

🚨🚨 GOAL!!! 🚨🚨 Shane Collins roofs it! That's his first goal of the season! 2-0 Knights! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 01:08:12


2017-12-17 01:08:58

5:48 remaining in the second period! Knights lead 2-0! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 01:18:19

2:08 remains in period number two! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 01:24:17

The horn sounds! Knights lead 2-0! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 01:27:17

RT @CoultersRx: Knight Fans tweet @GoLondonKnights section row & seat # to be one of @CoultersRx 3 Stars #ArmourUp #ldnont…

2017-12-17 01:38:30

Thanks to #KWELogistics for today's out of town scoreboard @KWELondon

2017-12-17 01:43:52


2017-12-17 01:45:17

AAAAaaand we're back for the third period! Knights will look to close it out! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 01:48:49

Knights start the third on the PK powered by @VaughnHockey

2017-12-17 01:49:40

🚨🚨 GOAL!!! 🚨🚨 @TylerRollo_913 scores shorthanded!! Tyler Rollo was denied on the breakaway but follows it up for h…

2017-12-17 01:51:30

Knights kill the PK!! #ArmourUp⚔️

2017-12-17 01:53:02

.@cliffp_8 has extended his point streak to 7 games with an apple in the second period!

2017-12-17 01:59:27